My clients and their stories

Silvija was a designer I chose for our family house in Vilnius. She did a great job!
Firstly, we had several meetings where she asked many questions to crystalize the style and our needs of the interior. Then she created the vision from scratch to the very detail. Knowing what we liked she offered us several items to choose from (either it was a coach or the tiles) so we did not have to visit many shops and review hundreds of catalogues. She visited the house often while the builders were still working and noticed every detail where it required practical solution.
Silvija is very proactive, punctual and dedicated to her job, she kept all her promises and exceeded our expectations. I can recommend her to everyone.
Indre Zakalskyte
UAB Ekistics Property Advisors Director 

Initially me and my partner sought Silvija’s assistance with choosing the colour schemes in our new home as part of a large renovation project. We wanted each room to have an identity and practical setting for the intended use, whilst also bearing in mind the natural lighting available.

Silvija overdelivered. Not only was she able to help with the colour schemes but also provided very insightful and practical advice on the layout and structure of the rooms to maximise space and comfort.

As we are first time buyers we were unaware of many of the specific elements of room design that Silvija was able to help us with. Although the project is currently ongoing we are now feeling much more comfortable and excited about the finished product having a clearer vision on the final result.

Justina and Jerome

I contact Silvija to help design the furniture in a new, small, 37-square-foot apartment with a full finish. Because I had experience with Silvija before and complete confidence in her decisions. Only at this time, everything was online. I sent her plans, measurements, and very quickly sent me hand-drawn sketches with at least three options. I told her the expectations she had for me and conveyed it on paper. From the beginning I worried that the designer did not see everything and communication is from distance. But dont need worry about it. I provided Silvija with all the information, photos, phone calls, and later sent her different options – photos of furniture, lamps, other small but important things I had so many questions and sometimes was not sure about some mine solutions. But she has torn me up and we did everything actually perfect. Even honestly I did not expect such a good result of my flat. I am very happy second time I chose Silvija’s help. And consult the online was so good an idea. Thank you so much Silvija. Sincerely. Just person really knows his job. It makes me very happy and everything going easy with her help and advise.


Silvija Grendiene has designed a number of our apartments in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 2016 to 2018. We rent these apartments to those working for NGOs and members of the embassies of Germany, Switzerland and Japan. Our company was really happy with Silvija’s work. She draws up a detailed floor plan, discusses the requirements of the space and the way in which it works and could work. Within a few days she returns with up to five different proposals which show furniture and examples of wall colours. She is very keen to restrain costs and has helped us with selecting furniture. She has been happy to work on whole apartments and smaller areas like the living and dining room spaces. She made regular visits to the sites while work was being conducted, helping to resolve on-site issues which came up. In summary, Silvija is an extremely exciting and competent person to work with. She works quickly to help agree and then complete the project. She has also worked more recently on the redecoration of a house in London, thinking always about the potential buyer. Strongly recommended.

Paul Heaton
Managing Director, Clear Lakes Capital

It was a pleasure to work with Silvija! I admired her professional skills and enjoyed the “human touch” – we laughed a lot during the whole process, it was a real fun! The 53 sq. meters apartment had been just built and no interior work done to it – we had to transform the “construction site” to a cozy home to live in. Not to forget mentioning a 30 sq. meters terrace where an outdoor fireplace had to be set up.

Silvija’s task was to come up with ideas how to fit everything a single person might need in a comparably small space without loosing the advantage of the surrounding nature. Also to make sure that these ideas are turned into reality – to help selecting material, paint, design furniture to be produced, also give tasks and look after the workers during the whole process. I liked very much that Silvija was open for my suggestions, she did not insist to stick to her vision where I was hesitant. We argued, measured, tried different angles until we came up with solution that fit both. She is really good in designing the furniture – the manufacturer of the designed furniture did not have any complains about the measures or other details, they could use the blueprints perfectly. The outdoor fireplace was something Silvija had never done before. But we found professionals, listened to their advise and the result is amazing ! Silvija was not afraid to take the responsibility and dive into the unknown 🙂

The whole process was very fluent, well planned and worth every euro that was invested into it. I highly recommend Silvija as a partner for an amazing transformation of any place into a home to admire and feel comfortable for a long time. 

Head of Finance Pernod Ricard Lithuania

Ina Garuckaite
Head of Finance Pernod Ricard Lithuania
When I bought my apartment, I thought that I can do everything myself and I do not need any assistance from professional interior designer. Why should I pay money for work that I can do it myself? I wanted to do everything perfectly and spent endless time running around the shops, looking for tiles for the bathroom, lighting fixtures, furniture, etc. However, I constantly hesitated, was unable to decide what I want. One year passed and my apartment was still unfurnished. 
Silvia was my friend, I knew that she is a professional interior designer, but at that time I didn't think that I should approach her. One day we met and went to furniture store together. She saw yellow and grey armchairs and said -  I feel that these armchairs would suit you very well as this colour, its brightness fits to your personality. I had seen those armchairs a month ago and I really liked them, but then I couldn't decide to buy them... I didn't dare, I thought it would be too bright. With Silvia's encouragement I bought them, and this was the beginning of the interior of my apartment. The yellow colour of the armchairs dictated the tone for all the interior colours - warm, bright, joyful. I have enjoyed this interior for 10 years and still do not want to change anything. I feel so good in my apartment and I'm so happy that I trusted Silvia and her advises. With Silvia’s help my apartment interior was completed very quickly, I did not need to wonder in various shops for long time. She just knew everything: what things fits to my apartment, where to buy them for the best price, even advised very good craftsmen who did all installation works in apartment very quickly and meticulously.  I saved a lot of money, time and got a result that exceeded my biggest expectations. I trusted Silvia, her vision and her opinion on everything. Every time I had guests, they were amazed how my apartment looks so original and cosy.  When I decided to rent my apartment 3 years ago, I rented it the same day and had a lot of tenants to choose from. Everyone wanted my apartment because when they came in and checked it out they were very impressed with its interior. I rented apartment at a higher price than I was planning.  My tenants stayed in apartment for 2 years and didn't want to leave it - they asked me to sell it to them because they were fascinated by the interior and said it was extremely good for them to live in it. After moving out of my apartment and buying a house a year later they asked Silvia to help them with their house interior design.
It was easy to develop the project with Silvija from the very beginning. We met several times. After listening to the ideas and wishes, the way of living, she found the best solutions. All the earlier possessed things were easily included in the new design. The project itself was developing very quickly as the designer was visiting the object very often. Her care was taking a range from monitoring builders to the smallest interior details. Silvija has also suggested lots of unseen design ideas and many of them were used while developing the project. I am happy with the result. Besides, before the project was started, the designer has mentioned that she is keen on creating natural, earthly interiors, which might not necessarily win the contest but it will definitely be a very cosy home to live in! Here, her words are equal 100% to the work which has been done. From the very beginning the interior was catching an eye and surprising by its practicality. Everything was where it had to be. Intuitive. Sometimes I am comparing my home to an ‘iphone’. You touch and you feel what wants to be felt.
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